What you can do to help save Enderby Wharf

First, keep in touch with this website www.enderby.org.uk. You’ll find contact details for the group there — click on ‘about’.

Or like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. We’ll be keeping you in touch with developments there.

Like our Facebook group, facebook.com/groups/enderby/

Follow us on Twitter twitter.com/EnderbyWharf

Contact the local councillors for the Peninsula Ward of the Royal Borough of Greenwich: Steve Brain, Denise Scott-McDonald and Chris Lloyd, at the Town Hall, Wellington Street, London SE18 6PW. A list of all Greenwich councillors can be found here

Barratt, the developer of the site, has appointed a communications consultancy, Hard Hat, to work with the local community. Joshua Lindsey is  the account executive working on the project. You can email him at jlindsey@hardhat.co.uk


Author: Enderby Wharf

This website is run by a group of local people who want to ensure Enderby House and the riverside cable-loading gear are preserved to show the contribution of Greenwich to the communications revolution - a contribution that is still continuing in the remaining factory on Christchurch Way. Contact details for more information: Dr Mary Mills email marymillsmmmmm@aol.com tel 020 8858 9482 Alan Burkitt-Gray email alan@burkitt-gray.com tel 079 6202 1330 Ian Blore email louiseatbeadles@yahoo.co.uk If you're emailing any of the above, please copy your email to enderbywharf@outlook.com

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