Enderby Group

The Enderby Group is a body of local people from a variety of backgrounds including long involvement in the communications cable industry and research into Greenwich industrial history. We formed in reaction to the declining condition of Enderby House and the vulnerability of the cable-loading equipment on the jetty. We have opened discussions with developers and others about the future use of the building, and with Alcatel-Lucent, the present inheritors of the 164 –year tradition of making cable and related equipment on this site, about the future of the equipment on the jetty. We are developing ideas to link the house and the jetty and the spaces indoor and outdoor, needed for outreach and education activities, and facilities for residents and visitors.

We now want to work with the community to save Enderby House and the loading equipment and to turn them into a secure, long-lasting centre for telling about the astonishing work done here forming the information revolution, and taking this knowledge into the future.

The Enderby Group has published its proposal for “Pender Plaza” to create a public space for residents and visitors.